You probably know us from our Instagram and if you’re a random user of the internet and our mad SEO skillz are working, hello from Slip! This is our first blog and we thought we would use the opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we get up to in our small but lovely studio. 
There are currently four of us - Kamini, Karman, Sulu & Bru, all special and weird in their own way. Karman, the enthu cutlet, is an interior designer with amazing illustration skills. We send her to site to paint wall murals and she uses her talents to make our presentations stand out. She has been to the police station twice since she moved to Bangalore (it’s a really long story but now you know not to mess with her!) You can follow her moodles here.
Sulu is the newest member of our team and is pretty bad-ass. She is an architect with project management experience and can whip out a pretty neat 3D render on demand. Sulu is infamous for NOT getting us banana chips from her hometown in Kerela, she did get Tapioca chips but that doesn’t count.
Bru, our office boxer is great at trying to kill vendors, sniffing clients in awkward places and eating all our leftovers. He also steps on presentations, knocks things off tables and generally adds entertainment to the work week.
Shout out to Jubin, our intern/not intern who is leaving us shortly gets great joy in pestering people (her words not ours). This makes her a vital part of the team and just gets shit done. We will miss her immensely and no other intern will compare. We also want to send some appreciation team members of the past - Jaisudha, Sethu, Sreya, Nethra, Vinisha, Shwetha, Sanjana & Raghu for being a part of the process and we're looking forward to future weirdo's who will become a part of this crazy family.
There are no words to describe Kamini. Actually there are some, and it’s on our about page.
We work out of a lovely garden studio, surrounded by green on three sides. It’s filled with art made by our talented friends, snacks from all the traveling we do, fresh fruit and flowers from the garden and general clutter hoarded from older projects. We try to do extra-curricular activities like montly potlucks, a book club that never went beyond it’s first round and some gardening. Scroll down to see what we get up to and also follow up on the usual.
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