With mango season behind us, we don’t have much to look forward to apart from 2021, the cool weather and our second favourite fruit- oranges! This juicy citrus has its shade of colour named after it and although its colour has some political connotations, we want to reclaim it to be the happy liberal colour it ought to be.
Packed with Vitamin C but also a great addition to our kitchen and dining spaces with its fun bright colour, oranges have a special place in our hearts. Originating from North East India, we had our fair share of oranges on our trip to Sangti Valley earlier this year. In all honesty, this sweet fruit saved us from going crazy with all the Yak meat we had to eat.  
Karman, our former junior designer hails from Nagpur, the land of oranges, the largest producer of oranges in India and 3rd largest in the world! Her first day at the office, she brought us a big box of Orange Barfi (the best way into our hearts).
The word orange is derived from the Sanskrit word for orange tree (नारङ्ग nāraṅga) and by the time it reached Europe through Portugese traders it turned to orange. Considered a luxury item, it was also taken away from the rich as punishment. The palace of Versailles had oranges trees potted in silver planters and had an orchard to supply the fruit all year around. When Louis XIV condemned his finance minister, he confiscated 1000 orange trees from his estate. 
Below are some fun and simple ideas to spruce things up with this unique fruit and colour! 
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